Meeting of the district council's corporate board

The Corporate Board will meet at 6.30 pm on Tuesday, 13 January 2015 in the Swale Meeting Room at Mercury House, Station Road, Richmond. Agenda Public Session - All are welcome to attend the public session 1 Chairman's Announcement 2 Apologies for Absence 3 Minutes – To confirm the Minutes of the meeting held on 25 November 2014 as an accurate record. 4 Public Speaking and Question Time - To receive any comments or respond to any questions from members of the public. (Written notice of any comments/questions must be received at Mercury House by 9.30 am on the day of this meeting). 5 Declarations of Interest 6. General Fund Revenue Estimates 2014/15 – Senior Management Team to present at a strategic level the draft revenue estimate proposals for 2015/16 and an update of the draft Medium Term Financial Strategy (MTFS) taking into account the latest funding and spending proposals. 7. Housing Revenue Account – Revenue Estimates 2015/16 – Senior Management Team to present proposals for the draft revenue estimates for the Housing Revenue Account (HRA) for 2015/16 and proposals for the level of rents and other charges for 2015/16. 8 Asset Review – Workspace Portfolio – Raynes Court, Hawes and Silver Street, Reeth – Senior Management Team to seek approval for the agreed way forward for the Council’s workspace portfolio at Raynes Court, Hawes and Silver Street, Reeth. 9 Local Governance for Economic Growth in the Local Enterprise Partnership Area – Senior Management Team to consider the issue of future governance within the area served by the York, North Yorkshire and East Riding Local Enterprise Partnership in relation to economic growth. 10 Economic Development in Richmondshire – Senior Management Team to seek consideration on the direction of travel for the District Council in relation to Economic Development in Richmondshire. 11 Affordable Housing (a) Affordable Housing Task Group – Senior Management Team to provide an update on the steps taken since the last Corporate Board meeting regarding the delivery of affordable housing. (b) Introduction of the National Affordable Housing Contribution Threshold – Senior Management Team to present a report discussing the potential impact for the adoption of the designated rural affordable housing contribution threshold as set by the government in the National Planning Practice Guidance as revised on 28 November 2014. 12 Community Opportunity Fund – Applications for Funding - Senior Management Team to seek approval for the allocation of funding from the Communities Opportunity Fund 2014/15.

Richmond · Station Road, Bensley, Chesterfield County, Virginia, 23234, United States of America
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