Mik Artistik - Live @ Hackforth

Hot from Glastonbury and the Edinburgh Fringe, Mik Artistik along with Jonny Flockton and Benson Walker (Dave Hanson Band) has agreed to to travel north with his blend of rock and roll and stand up comedy to entertain us on the 28th of November. Mik and band inspire with observational comedy of his exploits around Leeds that cam make you cry with sadness and joy, Whether you want a ‘Cheap Watch’ or a ‘Plastic Fox’ it’s for a more adult audience so it’s over 18′s for the night. There’s already great interest in this night of merriment and straws. Book very early!!!! Tickets only £10 from www.liveathackforth.co.uk Supper is Pie and Peas with a veggie option at only £13 including ticket.

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